Why Choose Funny Valentines Cards

Why Choose Funny Valentines Cards

The January doldrums have almost past, and February is almost here, which only means one thing. Valentine’s Day! We have all experienced the very best and very worst of Valentine’s Day. From being the only one in your class at school not getting a card (sad times), to spending it with the person you love the most in the world (yay!). The day itself is confected to be a day where we show our love and affection for that other special person in our life, and remind them of the place that they hold in our heart.

People have developed many creative ways to demonstrate their feelings to one another. Expensive gifts, holidays away to romantic destinations, chocolate, flowers, giant teddy bears. The list is endless. However, we think we’ve found the constant among the cliché – Valentines cards. Cards seem to be the glue that binds together any special occasion. Everyone uses cards to convey affection and good wishes to friends and family, and at Moments That Unite, we have a gorgeous range of Valentines cards for you to choose from.

Let’s get deep for a moment and think about love. What made you fall in love with your partner? We think for most people, it is how that person made, and still makes you laugh. The sparkling sense of humour and cheekiness that first forged that special bond between you. This Valentine’s Day, remind your partner of your wicked sense of humour with our range of funny Valentines cards right here.

‘Congratulations on your great taste in partners’. ‘I love that we hate the same people’. ‘You’re the reason I shave my legs’. These are just some of our favourite hilarious messages to send to your no doubt extremely grateful Valentine this February. So, instead of flashy gifts or expensive trips away, our advice is to gift your partner a reminder of what ignited that flame all those weeks, months or years ago. Give the gift of cheesy grins, mischief and memories this Valentine’s Day. Flowers wouldn’t hurt either.

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