Retirement Cards

Collection: Retirement Cards

Celebrate your beloved colleagues in style with our funny “Retirement Cards”. It can be difficult to find just the right tone for a life-changing transition and provide closure to an incredible career. We offer original, creative designs with an extra sprinkle of fun. Our cheeky retirement cards are the perfect way to send off your colleagues. Retirement may be bittersweet but it doesn’t need to be dull. Surprise your colleagues. Send them off to that new chapter with a tongue-in-cheek greeting and make them feel celebrated. Funny retirement cards are a unique and light-hearted way to ensure a memorable moment and show your appreciation. They create laughs that will be remembered long after the farewell. Honour their achievement with a dash of happiness as they head off to retirement bliss. Made from recycled materials Moments That Unite cards are the perfect place to express your sincere congratulations and warm wishes.