Annoying Mother’s Day Card

Welcome to the home of laughter and love – Little Kraken's collection of Mother's Day cards! 🎉 Designed by the brilliantly witty Gemma Correll, this card is your passport to a giggle-filled Mother's Day celebration.

Embrace the chaos and celebrate the quirks that make your relationship truly unique. Gemma's delightful designs capture the essence of cheekiness, ensuring your mum will not only appreciate the sentiment but burst into laughter too.

Skip the usual sweet and sentimental routine – let your mum know she's got the most charming troublemaker as a child. With a dash of British humour, these cards are the perfect blend of cheeky and affectionate. Gemma Correll's knack for capturing the funny side of family dynamics is on full display, making these cards a delightful choice for your mischievous messages.

Why settle for ordinary when you can go hilariously extraordinary? Get your hands on these exclusive cards and show your mum that, despite the occasional mischief, your love is as boundless as her patience.

Brighten her day, tickle her funny bone, and give her the gift of laughter with the "Happy Mother's Day From Your Most Annoying Child" card – because sometimes, a chuckle is the best gift of all. 🌟